Buy a ‘Special’ Shit Things in Reading (Charity) T-Shirt FOR SOME REASON!

Like the four stale poppadoms in a greasy brown paper bag in with the rest of your order from Bina, nobody asked for them, but they’re here anyway. Unlike the four stale poppadoms in a greasy brown paper bag in with the rest of your order from Bina, these EXCLUSIVE new Shit Things in Reading t-shirts only very faintly smell of jalfrezi.

What’s all this then?

Merch. The fine LOCAL people at CheapPop! Designs have come up with some dapper ‘ding designs for you all to enjoy/ignore. Now they’re up on their online store… We’re talking t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and stickers. AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO BUY NOW.

Why would I want to buy any of that crap?!

It’s a fair question. Well, they look alright. And they’ve not just got ‘Shit Things in Reading’ written on them. I’m not daft enough to think anyone’d want one of those (well, more than about 3 or 4 weirdos, anyway). These buggers have got, like, stuff to do with Reading on them and that. Funny stuff, yeah?

Fine, let’s have a proper look, then – but make it quick


Do you see? Like the I ❤ NYC thing, get it?

It says: ‘I went to The 613 Club and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (and an inescapable sense that I let myself down).’ You probably shouldn’t buy this one, TBF.

‘Loyal Royals’ can celebrate The Reading Football Club being alive since 1817 and their new stadium name here with this imaginatively-designed and entirely factually accurate (if not 100% official) club shirt!

We’ve saved the best ’til last. This is the one you should actually buy, I have one and it’s slick AF, bro.

I probably won’t buy one… still, HOW MUCH?

The t-shirts are £18. Same for the tote bag thing. That’s the cheapest we could do them for, HONEST.


I know, I know. What do you expect, though? They’re unique designs and they’re all printed to spec and order. I don’t just have a bin bag of them knocking about my loft. 18 notes is alright for a black Nice ‘n’ Fresh shirt… c’mon, you’d wear that FFS.

There’s a hoodie on there too, but you don’t want to know how much that is (it’s 35 quid).

I’m not paying that…

Yeah, nor would I, probably. Still, there are STICKERS too. Stickers for skinflints… Three quid each.

Three pound stiiiiicker. Very, very niiiice! One pound, two pound, three pound niiiiice!

Where are they coming from? Bloody CHINA?!

It’s all made here in good ol’ fashioned United Britain. None of that foreign muck. #Brexit

Alright, what about postage and that?

It’s normally four quid a pop, I think. But it’s FREE DELIVERY the weekend of the 4th/5th of September (that’s this weekend). Starting Friday 3rd and ending Midnight on Sunday.

What this about ‘charity’?

The manufacturers take most of the cash, but half the profits will go to a local as yet undecided charity (the other half go to the t-shirt lads for making the effort).

What charity? I dunno, something worthwhile, not hedgehogs or anything. Plus I’ll top it up and chuck an extra two quid in for every shirt or tote bag bought. I can’t say fairer than that. Just drop me a message once you’ve bought something and I’ll keep a running tab.

Jesus, I’m surprised I got this far down – anything else?

Thank you for your patience. We’re nearly done now. Just some links left. Cheers.