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The Shit Things in Reading Euro 2021 Sweepstake Kit! 💩 ⚽

Euro 202̶0̶ 21 is here. That’s exciting, isn’t it? At least it is if you like football. And you should like football because it’s very good. Not only is it (sometimes) exciting, it’s (occasionally) amusing and (often) a reason to shout unreasonably loud swearwords at the television in full earshot of your family. Maybe you’re…

The STiR Colouring Book is OUT NOW!

Yeah, that’s right – a bloody colouring book. I’ve been going on about it enough. Well, now it’s here. And even YOU can buy it! It is here. I’ve got a load at home. Well, I’ve got some. Not quite enough. I’ll explain later. See? What’s all this, then? It’s a book. Well, it’s a…

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