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Caversham(e) Lakes: Private Island Experience in the Costa Del Slough

By Joan Q. Rowing-Boat If you haven’t heard of Caversham Lakes, you might be mistaken in thinking that it’s an upscale retirement home in the heart of Reading’s notoriously nouveau riche northern neighbourhood. It is not, however, Berkshire’s poncier section of God’s waiting room but an aqua park full of fun for all the family.…

The Shit Things in Reading Euro 2021 Sweepstake Kit! 💩 ⚽

Euro 202̶0̶ 21 is here. That’s exciting, isn’t it? At least it is if you like football. And you should like football because it’s very good. Not only is it (sometimes) exciting, it’s (occasionally) amusing and (often) a reason to shout unreasonably loud swearwords at the television in full earshot of your family. Maybe you’re…

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